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Natural Clairvoyant Truthful Fast Accurate Love & Relationship Reunion Twinflame Past Life Career Healings Spiritual Guide Dream Interpretation


Fast Accurate and Truthful Answers from a caring and experienced Advisor.
Allow me to explain the Truth to you about question on any subject, Relationship, Finance, Life Path, Spiritual Connection just to name a few.

A Guide to Astral projection, Energy Manipulation, Remote Viewing and much more.

I look at this reality from the outside in, let me bring you the knowledge from Beyond.

If you would like to unlock the secrets, I will show you where to find the Keys.. Let me show you how to unlock your deepr Higher True Self. Find clarity of mind. Bring True Balance to yourself on every level. Always quick and direct answers.

A Consultation will show you the path, BUT the steps you take must be your own. It can cover past fear or future triumphs


You are welcome in my Humble Abode, there are few rules we need to respect in the name of Love and Respect for each other.

☆ When you come in my room for the first time, introduce yourself and greet everyone.
☆ Wait your moment to ask your question
☆ You can bring me private just if you informed me, because maybe there is someone else that came before, who first come, has the priority.
☆We have been already tested by Oranum and more over I did more than 5000 reading so please avoid derespectful initiative such as trying to test my abilties at any level.
☆ In FREE CHAT I can describe your personality to let you feel I'm the right person that can help you and you can ask questions about my abilties, so that you might feel if I'm the right person that can help you and more over if there is already a connection between me and you.
☆ Dont come in free chat and ask for demo or free readings, even just a yes or no question. Read the first point of the PRIVATE CHAT INFO to have more details.


☆ A reading is more than an answer to a yes or no question. It shows complex trends and influences from past to present and future and from present to future. So if for any reason, short in funds or limited time, you can’t get the full picture, please choose a moment when you can receive all the info necessary to you, we don’t have to rush a reading, you need a quality reading and I’m here for this, NO FAST FOOD READING.

☆ During a reading you might receive some positive info and you might react like this :” WELL THAT CAN’T BE TRUE, NOTHING SO GOOD COULD COME OUT OF THIS MESS”, and you will think for a second that this is a sugar coating. Or you could get some bad news and you would think “ I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN THAT”. And you will feel that I understood you, that I’m in tune with you, just because I was empathising with your problems. When you are in a reading with me, be prepared to get the info as they are, just exploit the opportunity to get the most of it, you don’t have to think in the reading about the reading, don’t miss any word because you start picturing, focus on the reading. You will do this after.

I cannot tell you My Truth until you stop telling Me yours.

☆ After a reading, you might feel the strong impression that “ NOW THAT I’VE SEEN THE DANGERS, I CAN MAKE SURE I AVOID THEM”. This is the most common mistake you can make. DON’T USE THE INFORMATION OF THE READING UNTIL YOU UNDERSTOOD COMPLETELY. Take notes during the reading on your impression, ask the support team to send you the transcript of the reading, review the reading, and have a diary.

☆ Each week you will receive a short update from me via ORANUM inbox, if you don’t know where it is, click on the icon of the mail, click on see all notification, will appear different tabs, click on psychic and you will see my message. THOSE MESSAGES AREN’T GENERAL MESSAGE SENT TO EVERYONE, I spend a lot of time reviewing our reading and I put my heart and my blessing on those message, It is not mandatory to come back to me, just if you feel you need.


Why my name is Sensei? Why I'm wearing a monk suit sometimes ?
I love the word Sensei, not just in the meaning of teacher, but in the meaning of sense, as I’m able to use all our 14 senses, and this is the way I’m tuning into your life, reaching each of your senses to penetrate your world, on a physical, spiritual and astral level.

Started as I lay there in the darkened womb, wide awake, my head firmly buried under the amniotic fluid. For many of you, this was a celestial experience, not for an RH negative.

However, I was not alone, I dreamt many times of this experience. The darkness was around me trying to pull me out. One day, It decided to kill me. At six month of pregnancy, my mother fell down the stairs and suffered internal bleeding, we were both dying. The Doctors could not do anything for me, but I decided to do everything for myself. I dreamt, I heard a voice and an energy pulled me out. Weighing 1 kg, in 1973. I felt I had to go.

I always felt a presence with me and I was born the only day in which twins, on astrological point of view are double, so I’m a druid, I’m a natural Magician. For the first time, I took a deck of cards, very normal Italian cards in hand when I was 5.
My aunt, joking, asked me to do a reading for her. She was with her boyfriend. “ You will marry, and you will have a daughter, and you will divorce, but don’t worry, then you will be happy, and I will bring you to the altar. ”
Cards were simply a tool, a voice was speaking inside of me, one of the first time in which the Absolute Truth was coming out, naturally, magically. The voice was my first Spiritual Guide, Renukee, that stand on my left side, on my right side, I have another person, that I would not mention the name.

Born as a natural clairvoyant is a gift and a responsibility, therefore, I decided to learn the Kaballah, the tarot mystery, spells and the art of healing of Reiki.



For ,more info you can visit also my Love Reading Club :

★Breaking up & Divorce
★ Reunion
★ Addiction
★ Cheating & Affairs
★ Gay & lesbian
★ Marital Life
★ Parents & Children
★ Single & Dating
★ Virtual Dating
★ Sex & Intimacy
★ Fertility & Pregnancy
★ Picture reading
★ Soulmate & Twinflame connection


☆Success in starting a new business
☆ Success when you face a strong competittion
☆Courage in facing a difficult situation
☆Help you to make the best decision in a difficult situation
☆Detect the action of a malicious person
☆Build harmonious relatioship with your coo-workers
☆Gain a promotion or a raise
☆ Win a job
☆ Gain a job interview
☆Attract good luck job wise
☆ Protection
☆ Releasing stress


☆Traditional Usui Reiki Master
• Chakras balancing and harmonization
• Open up and removing blockage : channelling
• Learn the wisdom of the body
• Help your endocrine system
• Complete Reiki treatment
• Meditation
• Detoxification, cleansing process
• Mental healing and self mental healing, distant healing treatments
• Short Reiki treatment
• Find the energy reason of illness (headache, migraine, neck, shoulder and upper-back pain, middle and lower-back pain, sciatica, colds and flu, coughs, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, arthritis, insomnia, cystitis, menstrual problems, menopause
• Hara centring
• Atisha’s heart-of-joy meditation


Any advice or message that you receive is not a substitute for professional advice or any other professional treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, accountant or financial advisor. By contacting me, no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given, and as such, will NOT be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and/or advice discussed. Please note that you must be 18 years or older to chat with me.
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Member testimonials

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Highly accurate! He's a great reader!..
- by dobe, e
Friendly but needs to speak with clarity :)
- by FeelWill, UK
great and informative reader
- by oes, bas
No tools - just goes straight to it. Was consistent with last reading - time will tell if the predictions come true.
- by Sparkle Pony, San Fran
Great reader - to the point - great advice I'll be back..
Very calm and insightful. What a reader!!..
- by dobe, dobe
Very Good reading , I do hope it comes true
- by Jayshree , Gauteng
thank you very much for your reading will def come back to you
- by nada, muscat
Very connected and a very good reading as always. Many of his past predictions have come true, so he is my one to go to as I know I can trust his readings.
- by Mags ~, USA
Sensei is a must see! He is very accurate and gives good sound advice
- by *****, ******
He was spot on with my situation. Told me the truth behind the matters. I know what I need to do now! Thank you for all your help!
- by Nicole, USA
Very fast connection and very accurate. I have been seeing him for a while and he has been a very big help on my situation
- by Mags, USA
I am so sorry that we were cut off-I ran out of funds. But, this was such a special, helpful and amazing reading. You helped me more than you will ever know. Tr read more »
- by Snowdrop26, Raleigh, NC
I am satisfied with the answers he gave me, very good reading
- by sunrisegold, rio linda
amazing reader, makes me feel lighter and tension free through energy cleansing
- by Av, australia
He was so great in describing, and also was really detailed. I sure will come back! I have talked with other psychics here but in my opinion he was the best, no read more »
- by Ermelinda, Brescia
good reading
- by seaglass11, Nj
Sensei was sensitive to my feelings at the same time direct and honest. He was accurate on everything we talked about and now I am confident that I am still on read more »
- by Melanie, Boston
Very good reading... He was very detailed and honest
- by CM, Zurich
amazing so much details!!! Thank you Sensei god bless you
- by christina, toronto
Sensei is amazing, it's as if he has known you for years & knowledge of the situation is so accurate :)
- by H, UK
Great reading
- by katie, Ireland
Awesome reading. Great insight and advice.
- by Cheryl , Arizona
thank you Sensei!! :) that was an awesome reading! very direct and fast communication
- by Karla mercado, wellington new zealand
Wonderful, honest, on point... a must.
- by ang3l33, us
A period of changing and transition. I was being told to change my way of thinking and approach. Sensei was spot on. Someone told me the same thing as what sens read more »
- by Kirstin sim, singapore
Thank you Sensei
- by Angela, us
Sensei has helped me in more ways I can thank him for. He has helped reshape my thoughts and get me back on track towards what I know I am deserving of and whe read more »
- by Carrie, WI
Lovely cleansing with Sensei. Highly recommended!
- by SB, Cda
Good reading
- by Ganesh, Caracras
I had my first healing/cleansing session under him...I could feel the difference and right after the healing, I feel much lighter and ease...thank u :)
- by Tinkle1,
Sensei is very helpful abd kind...he always keep me update on my situation on weekly basis without fail....thank u :)
- by Tinkle1,
Sensei's reading are fast and on the spot explain on the facts you need to know the upcomings...very good reading from him... :)
- by Tinkle1,
Sensei reading are very explanatory and his focus on the inner self and relationship. He helps to explain what you are and what are the things u need to change read more »
- by Tinkle1,
Sensei has always been providing weekly updates and advise on what I need to do...always appreciate his effort to send me weekly updates...he is very kind and helpful person...thank u :)
- by Tinkle1,
Sensei had focused on my inner personality which make realize that I need to open up/improve certain aspect of me. This will help me to face things better. Thank u for making me realise on this aspect
- by Tinkle1,
Sensei connected very quickly and was very accurate about so many things. This is something I really look for in a reader bc it instills trust between me and th read more »
- by Krissy, NC
He is excellent. Great reader and is so gifted.
- by Jona M, Michigan
gave me a good energy cleansing
- by Av, brisbane
Sensei is an excellent psychic! Excellent reading! Thanks so much!!
- by Sandra, Salem
Thank you. awesome reading. he really cares about me and does his best to help.
- by L, Z
Just a short chakra balancing following up on yesterdays talk. Thank you!
- by in_the_making, Denmark
Sensei's meditation was a wonderful experience :)
- by Havy, UK
- by Karla mercado, wellington new zealand
Nice energy. Cool and collected & Detailed. Will be back again!
- by Limu, Hawaii
Gave me really great life practice and points of view for a more balanced life mind frame (I'm all wackyadoo at the moment). He gave incite on the ex that was i read more »
- by Merrysinclair, wa
Highly accurate!!
- by trying, E
Just a long and great intuitive conversation with Sensei about very deep matters. Thanks a lot!
- by in_the_making, Denmark
Excellent reading. He is intuitive and a great person.
- by Lana, UK
excellent reader...very helpful and fast!
- by Karla mercado, wellington new zealand
Good advice when i am really in turmoil. He had made more sense again!
- by Mary, San Jose
thank u amazing as always
- by christina, toronto
Great reading. He is the best. Always on point. Thank you Sensei.
- by Jasmin, CT
Great reading. Made me feel more optimistic about my decisions.
- by Carla G, UK
Sensei has been an amazing life coach for me. He has put me on the correct path that I am destined for and made me realize I am the one who will get me there. read more »
- by Carrie, Wauk
Sensei is probably one of the most accurate psychics on Oranum. His healing sessions are also amazing! Everything he has predicted has happened and continues to happen. He is the one to go to!
- by *****, *****
Awesome reading.
- by Suzane L., Dallas
Great reading. I have a better understanding of what I need to do. Sensei is just brilliant and a great reader.
- by Marcel, New Jersey
i have been doing reading with sensei for quite long time now. he is such a wonderful advisor when it comes to relationship. great learning experience for myself. thank you
- by YG, NY
Great as always!!
- by joann88, FL
- by deva delight, pa
Have ma great insight and was very thorough, hope that everything will come to pass.
- by cristiana, berlin
Sensei's reading are fast and on the spot explain on the facts you need to know the upcomings...very good reading from him... :)
- by Tinkle1, x
Sensei reading are very explanatory and his focus on the inner self and relationship. He helps to explain what you are and what are the things u need to change read more »
- by Tinkle1, c
Sensei has always been providing weekly updates and advise on what I need to do...always appreciate his effort to send me weekly updates...he is very kind and helpful person...thank u :)
- by Tinkle1, c
Sensei had focused on my inner personality which make realize that I need to open up/improve certain aspect of me. This will help me to face things better. Thank u for making me realise on this aspect.
- by Tinkle1, c
Excellent insight and energy as always Sensei delivers.. Honesty and awareness to the deepest part of what I am looking for. He tells the truth and gives good a read more »
- by Tammy1958, None
Sensei has allowed me to see a path forward towards harmony and balance. In the long view, weather it is career and love, one must have balance. I suggest every read more »
- by beathive, Brooklyn
Very good reading
- by Ganesh, Barbados
Sensei is so accurate & very inspiring& understood my situation perfectly :)
- by H, UK
To my dear friend sensei...many many predictions you have predicted are coming true and are unfolding..When you said my dear friend, someone will contact me Apr read more »
- by Princess Rachel, Jerusalem
gave me a good update, its always nice to discuss things with sensei
- by theme, australia
Healing advice to a broken heart and assisting on positive advice for the betterment of yourself. He delivers his words with kindness and honesty.
- by Merrysinclair, Wa
Excellent ... authentic and accurate!
- by ann, Philadelphia
Very good
- by Miguel, Lisbon
great reading but I ran out of funds
- by Graciela, Houston
I can't think of enough good things to say about Sensei!!! He is such a tremendous and wonderful person!!! He is an exceptional psychic and will help you immedi read more »
- by Sandra, Salem
thanks. enlightening advices
- by preety, colorado
Wish I had more time with him. Always a really good read with Sensei. I highly recommend him. He is the best!
- by *****, ******
Reiki healing - love it!!!
- by L, Cda
Awesome reading.
- by JULIA C., Chicago
He is pretty legit in terms of energy and reading. Please ask him for love, relationship and life :D
- by mawriealert, Alameda
Had the most amazing reading so insightful and great advice. I feel uplifted and more confident thanks to Sensei.
- by Aisha, UK
Loved him. He picked up on it right away. Brought some light to the issue. Made me aware! Highly recommend.
- by Jan, Scottsdale
Sensei is one of the best psychics you could ever hope to talk to. He will give you insight into whatever your situation or questions are, but he will also give read more »
- by Sandra, Salem
Great patient and wonderful psychic
- by JenAnne, Sarasota
Extremely good! I felt peaceful after his reading. Very comforting, but at the same time honest. :)
- by Belzinha, London
Sensei give great guidance & advice on life
- by H, UK
very great and sincere reader who know his stuff. was able to mention things without me saying
- by oles, bas
awesome reading. Got great advice. He is always on point.
- by Josh, Canada
the best one yet :) gave me clarity and understanding about myself
- by Karla, wellington new zealand
He was concise, honest, and very helpful
- by Julia, Euless
very insightful and helpful. made a lot of sense. thank you
- by betty, uk
Had a great reading with Sensei. I had a lot of doubts about a situation, but Sensei was great in providing advice on the next step to follow.
- by Trisha, UK
Great reading. Had great advice from sensei as always. Great person.
- by Tania L, UK
Awesome reading!
- by lucy, PR
Interesting insight and guidance, a lot of thought is put into the reading
- by Sherry, DXB
Great reading
- by Ganesh, exuma
- by nip, can
Thank you again Sensei, for your words and connection to help me see what i need to do.I understand what you are saying.. I will do my part and work on myself. read more »
- by Tammy1958, None

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