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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Angelic Psychic Natural Clairvoyant Truthful Fast Accurate Prediction and Timeframes Lightworker Love & Relationship Reunion Twinflame Past Life Career Healings Spiritual Guide Dream Interpretation


I can offer you angelic and psychic readings with no tools, I’m a natural Clairvoyant Clairsentient Clairaudient Claircognizant.
I hear the inaudible, I see the invisible and I feel the intangible and I sense the sign of events occurring in your life before you can have even a thought about it.

I'm here to give you insight clarity and strength to push up you in to the weighty soil that provide nourishment.
I’m able to tune into your situation very quickly and I can easily give you accurate insight and prediction with timeframes and more over I can guide you to have a truthful vision of your situation.

Please notice that I am a LIGHTWORKER and a TEACHER OF GOD, I do not use spell but rather prayers and affirmation. Please do not ask me to cast any spell. This is not my Life Purpose. I use Angelic Prayers to help you to fulfill the purpose of your reading, to remove negativities, to heal a relationship to remove blockages tension and confusion from your body from your mind and from your soul. Remember be always on the light and do not try to find any shortcut, they are not paying off. NEVER.

If you tried so hard till now and you didn’t get what you wanted and you feel hopeless and tired and you are losing faith and you feel lost, please take my hand now and we will go together on the other side of the bridge, step by step, respecting your pace, remember, love is the only bridge that can take you everywhere.

A Psychic normally receive information from spirit guides, while angel readers receive the guidance comes from God and the Angels directly. An angel reading involves much more that giving a fortune or telling the future.

I look at this reality from the outside in, let me bring you the knowledge from Beyond. In private with me, you will have the unique opportunity to get both angelic and psychic readings.

I need just your first name and the permission to channel through my Guardian Angel, ARCHANGEL METATRON, your Guardian Angel, it takes few seconds and you will receive always quick and direct answers.


☆ Clairvoyant Clairsentient Clairaudient Claircognizant
☆ Empath
☆ Angel channeling
☆ Angelic Oracle
☆ Angel Therapy
☆ Energy reader
☆ Reiki
☆ Guided Meditation


You are welcome in my Humble Abode, there are few rules we need to respect in the name of Love and Respect for each other.

☆ When you come in my room for the first time, introduce yourself and greet everyone.
☆ Wait your moment to ask your question
☆ You can bring me private just if you informed me, because maybe there is someone else that came before, who first come, has the priority.
☆We have been already tested by Oranum and more over I did more than 10.000 reading so please avoid disrespectful initiative such as trying to test my abilities at any level.
☆ In FREE CHAT I can describe your personality to let you feel I'm the right person that can help you and you can ask questions about my abilities, so that you might feel if I'm the right person that can help you and more over if there is already a connection between me and you.
☆ Don’t come in free chat and ask for demo or free readings, even just a yes or no question. Read the first point of the PRIVATE CHAT INFO to have more details.
☆ Don’t share any personal details, or ask for any private information, this is forbidden on the site and I will refuse
☆ Don’t ask for follow up after a reading or for a yes or no question, discussing personal info in freechat is not allowed.
☆ Dont ask me to change rate


☆ A reading is more than an answer to a yes or no question. It shows complex trends and influences from past to present and future and from present to future. So if for any reason, short in funds or limited time, you can’t get the full picture, please choose a moment when you can receive all the info necessary to you, we don’t have to rush a reading, you need a quality reading and I’m here for this, NO FAST FOOD READING. I type also very fast in case you can’t hear. Please be aware to not hurry in the reading, or to ask several question in a row, if you want to get accurate and detailed insight and prediction, you need to stop set limits to the reading.

☆ During a reading you might receive some positive info and you might react like this :” WELL THAT CAN’T BE TRUE, NOTHING SO GOOD COULD COME OUT OF THIS MESS”, and you will think for a second that this is a sugar coating. Or you could get some bad news and you would think “ I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN THAT”. And you will feel that I understood you, that I’m in tune with you, just because I was empathizing with your problems. When you are in a reading with me, be prepared to get the info as they are, just exploit the opportunity to get the most of it, you don’t have to think in the reading about the reading, don’t miss any word because you start picturing, focus on the reading. You will do this after.

I cannot tell you My Truth until you stop telling Me yours.

☆ After a reading, you might feel the strong impression that “ NOW THAT I’VE SEEN THE DANGERS, I CAN MAKE SURE I AVOID THEM”. This is the most common mistake you can make. DON’T USE THE INFORMATION OF THE READING UNTIL YOU UNDERSTOOD COMPLETELY. Take notes during the reading on your impression, ask the support team to send you the transcript of the reading, review the reading, and have a diary.

☆ Each week you will receive a short update from me via ORANUM inbox, if you don’t know where it is, click on the icon of the mail, click on see all notification, will appear different tabs, click on psychic and you will see my message. THOSE MESSAGES AREN’T GENERAL MESSAGE SENT TO EVERYONE, I spend a lot of time reviewing our reading and I put my heart and my blessing on those message, It is not mandatory to come back to me, just if you feel you need.
☆Don’t ask about lottery numbers and related question
☆Don’t ask question about death od question about passed love ones.


I lay there in the darkened womb, wide awake, my head firmly buried under the amniotic fluid. For many of you, this was a celestial experience, not for an RH negative.
However, I was not alone, I dreamt many times of this experience. The darkness was around me trying to pull me out. One day, It decided to kill me. At six month of pregnancy, my mother fell down the stairs and suffered internal bleeding, we were both dying. The Doctors could not do anything for me, but I decided to do everything for myself. I dreamt, I heard a voice and an energy pulled me out. Weighing 1 kg, in 1973. I felt I had to go.

I always felt a presence with me, my Guardian Angel, Archangel Metatron.

.For the first time, I took a deck of cards, very normal Italian cards in hand when I was 5.
My aunt, joking, asked me to do a reading for her. She was with her boyfriend. “ You will marry, and you will have a daughter, and you will divorce, but don’t worry, then you will be happy, and I will bring you to the altar. ”
Cards were simply a tool, a voice was speaking inside of me, one of the first time in which the Absolute Truth was coming out, naturally, magically. The voice was my first Spiritual Guide, Renukee, that stand on my left side, on my right side, now I can tell , there is Archangel Metatron. I don’t need any tool to deliver the Absolut Truth to you.


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ LOVE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

★ Breaking up & Divorce
★ Reunion
★ Addiction
★ Cheating & Affairs
★ Gay & lesbian
★ Marital Life
★ Parents & Children
★ Single & Dating
★ Virtual Dating
★ Sex & Intimacy
★ Fertility & Pregnancy
★ Picture reading
★ Soulmate & Twinflame connection

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ CAREER Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

☆ Success in starting a new business
☆ Success when you face a strong competittion
☆ Courage in facing a difficult situation
☆ Help you to make the best decision in a difficult situation
☆ Detect the action of a malicious person
☆Build harmonious relatioship with your coo-workers
☆ Gain a promotion or a raise
☆ Win a job
☆ Gain a job interview
☆ Attract good luck job wise
☆ Protection
☆ Releasing stress


☆Traditional Usui Reiki Master
• Chakras balancing and harmonization
• Open up and removing blockage : channelling
• Learn the wisdom of the body
• Help your endocrine system
• Complete Reiki treatment
• Meditation
• Detoxification, cleansing process
• Mental healing and self mental healing, distant healing treatments
• Short Reiki treatment
• Hara centring
• Atisha’s heart-of-joy meditation


Any advice or message that you receive is not a substitute for professional advice or any other professional treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, accountant or financial advisor. By contacting me, no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given, and as such, will NOT be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and/or advice discussed. Please note that you must be 18 years or older to chat with me.
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thank you for your fresh update...will keep in mind of your readings and the future to come...thank you...
- by tinkle1, unknown
Sensei is an extraordinary gifted and such a beam of light. I so appreciate his guidance and his healing sessions. He also confirmed some really posi read more »
- by Carrie, Mil
Thanks again!!! So helpful and quick!!
- by adsafda, dafdasdf
Thanks so much for the update and your help!!
- by asfadfasf, asdfasf
he is understanding , positive and caring , gives u right insights and suggestions
- by bhawna, delhi
- by Alexis, Beverly Hills
OMG I am soo speechless, Sensei is such my guardian angel!!!! Whenever he has angels messages, he call me to send the great or concern messages! He always guide read more »
- by Libratan, Houston
Thank you for the great updates
- by Maria, NY
Thank you for the updates
- by Maria, NY
Very accurate prediction came true. Said I was going to be contacted 5PM or 6PM at the latest and I was at 5:57PM. Thanks!
- by Nyssens, .
he always makes me happy!!!!
- by MA, TA
Thanks very much
- by Ny, MN
Thanks very much
- by Ny, MN
Sensei, reassured me that the path that i am taking now is definitely ok and better for me. To live me life without stress, to focus on my self and dreams. Cut read more »
- by Angela, USA
updated. thanks.
- by GK, NA
Thank you so much for your insight .It was very helpful. And I am so grateful for all your help throughout this difficult phase of my life... Love, x
- by grateful, London
Always a great update...
- by GERI, NY
Excellent and full of inspired guidance! Highly recommend
- by E, US
Thank you! Wonderful!
- by Alexis, Beverly Hills
He is very clear and sees the things you want to know in advance. Also he is a great healer and guide to your best !
- by Hellenakunoichi , london uk
Seems like some important things are happening and a mixture of feelings of stress and regrets too. Hopefully, things will turn out to be better. Looking forwar read more »
- by Chamendra, Australia
Thank you for the reading and the updates.
- by Maria, NY
He is a great angelic healer! Happy that I know him :) !
- by hELLEN, Luton UK
- by Hellenakunoichi , maprs
- by Hellena, MIAMI FLORIDA
I owe you feedback for 2 readings, both of them keep me grounded. I am looking forward to my interview today and I do believe I will get the job!!! :) Thank you again!
- by Andi, NWA
very talented amazing !!!
- by ., .
Very excellent reader & highly spiritual!
- by W, Tn
Absolutely phenomenal! His prediction before happened so I came for the next step and he gave it. He is great!
- by l, .
He was very precise, giving the truth, not candy coated promises. I'm sure I'll be consulting again. He's very smart and logical!!!!!!
- by Chiara, Negombo, Sri Lanka
gave me sercurity
- by Taylor, Livonia
OMG OMG what a great testimony about Sensei, that he proofs it again and again the angels are with me all the time, and it is very very TRUE!!!He is marvelous, read more »
- by Libratan, Houston
Gave me great advice. He helped me understand what I couldn't see.
- by Angela Pinder, Miami, Fl
Thanks, for the encouragement, i feel this too.
- by gipsygirl, South Africa
lovely man, sticks to what he says and predictions have transpired.
- by beautifulwisdom, cape town
Very very good reading ....HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD . Hope to have another one soon
- by mishca, ...
I'm waiting for the initiation of communication from the other side as Sensei predicted. Everything depends on that.
- by Cham, Australia
Thank you for the wonderful updates. Came back for another reading and again his predictions came true this week. Thank you
- by maria, NY
Sensei is one of the most powerful workers on this site. His dedication to positive energy is inspiring. No matter the situation, he approaches with kindness and compassion. He is worth every credit.
- by SB, Cda
Sensei is a superb psychic. Thank you v much
- by Monica, CT
5 stars. good reading. will see Sensei again!
- by Michaela, CT
Bless you
- by ,
Thank you sensei for your insights and vision. I will keep on the path that you have shown me
- by nadia, -
Thanks for your update, looking forward to the events to follow! Very informative! ...
- by Geri, NY
answered my questions quick and honestly. thank you :)
- by leo girl, us
Sensei, thank you for sharing such a special time with me. Your insight & healing was extremely helpful. So lucky to have had this meeting at this time. It surely no chance meeting at all!
- by Astrid, Crans Montana
Amazing reading. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks you Sensei.
- by Astrid, Crans Montana
He's great,has clear visions, always back to him.
- by Hellen, Pitsburg
Great reader!!! The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- by Tim, London
His reading was fine.
- by TA, Bay Area
- by Alexis, Beverly Hills
great reader... i highly recommend
- by apple, houston
Amazing as always. Thanks for the update.
- by SarahRain, ...
- by NY, MN
- by NY, MN
- by NY, MN
Sensei is a remarkable healer and intuitive. I appreciate the messages from the angels and the work we have accomplished together. He is one of a kind and really a great reader. He has been a blessing in my life.
- by Carrie, WI
You make me so happy with your insight!
- by lou, .
Great updates..Came back for a few readings and all his predictions has come true thus far.
- by Maria, NY
Thank you
- by Mary, NY
Thank you for the reading and updates
- by Mary, NY
Thank you
- by Mary, NY
thank you for the updates
- by Maria, NY
Excellent update! I enjoy my readings with Sensei and highly recommend for anyone seeking to receive guidance in life!
- by E, US
- by NY, MN
Sensei speaks from the Heart. His view from depth have always turned the tides for me. He is an angel in Human form. His energy clears all doubts and brought peace into my life. Namaste!
- by Kamechee, India
Thank you Sensei again for the insight and for the peace I 'd say... Xx
- by grateful, London
- by NY, MN
Thanks very much
- by NY, MN
great as always x
- by beautifulwisdom, cape town
- by NY, MN
You were right, my home is selling :) things are finally looking up. This whole time of feeling stuck is no more in my life, however there are still much to do read more »
- by Andi, NWA
- by NY, MN
Sensei thaank you for your patience, im going through stages of grieving and detachment, one stage is anger. Things shall get better I trust in you and your sig read more »
- by Angela, any where
Ran out of credits. Was a short reading but very insightful. Sensei you are really a blessing to others including myself. Thank you always for your updates.
- by Michelle, Columbus
Sensei is truly a doctor of the Soul. He is absolutely professional in his field. Sensei has very strong telepathic powers. He is a unique person with powerful read more »
- by Roselay, London, England, United Kingdom
Very inspiring! Picked up on a lot of problems I was going through and was able to give time frames. Has a lot of words of wisdom that will make you rethink everything!
- by RJ, N/A
Always amazing. Thanks.
- by Darlene, Harleysville
thanks for update
- by gk, na
Thanks very much
- by NY, MN
Thank you!!!
- by Alexis, Beverly Hills
Very experienced and connective. Makes you feel right in touch and comes straight to the point. I highly recommend him.
- by joi spoi, jersey
Sensi gives be such peaceful and blessed messages, he truly walks in the light. I am very thankful for him and his messages, gives me the strength to move forwa read more »
- by d, a
Great readings. Came for updates and all his predictions came true this week. thank you.
- by Maria, NY
Thank you for the updates
- by Maria, NY
He is really good in his readings and helps a lot.
- by Hellena, Mars planet
Thanks Sensei. I have my prayers. I will keep saying them and bringing peace to my soul, and try to rebuild where I felt I have been lost. Thanks.
- by familyhelper, California
Great updates..Thank you for the wonderful reading as always.
- by Maria, NY
Wonderful reading
- by Maria, NY
Thank you for the nice reading
- by Maria, NY
Thank you
- by Maria, NY
He is PHENOMENAL, I am very happy with the reading I got.
- by Amanda, Ga
Thank you for the fresh updates
- by Maria, NY
Thank you. Sensei. God bless you.
- by Roselay, London
Always 10 stars.Healing me.
- by Hellena, MANCHESTER
- by sasha, sarasota
Great Angels guide , real and wise !
- by Hellena, Torino
- by NY, MN
Thank you once again for your continued support and reassurance. you never fail to amaze me.
- by gipsygirl, South Africa

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