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My name is SIMONROB

I write as S Rob


I help people be happier, more successful, find love. I can help you achieve your hearts desires

I can predict the future, contact those that have passed on, I am an empath I can feel what other people feel, interpret dreams, lift curses, cast spells, cast out demons/ghosts, find lost object most anything you want. I am also a writer. I have wrote books called:Cesonius (Finbarr International), The power of gesture(Finbarr International), Magic mind rooms by S Rob(Finbarr International) Old folk magic By S Rob (Finbarr International), The world as I see it by S Rob, Dave on Earth, The path, Develop psychic power: learn scrying. All wrote using my pen name S Rob.

My journey through the occult started along time ago. I was five; by a family member I was trained me in my families method of magic. By a family member she was what was described at one time as a wise woman or cunning folk, modern parlance a witch. I was trained in my families method of magic and clairvoyance. I have added to this knowledge since. I really do not use many tools. I only use a scrying mirror: a black surface this helps me have visions. Although I do not use that all the time. My skills come from within.

I know that through all the changes in the world. All the witches that have been killed. All over the world. At all times in history. We are still here. Mine is the family that survived.We were hunted because we have power.We survive because we have power.That is our true power and it is my birthright.




Winner of the outstanding achievement award


BA(Hons) (Open)
Certificate Business studies (Open)
Certificate Mathematics (Open)
Certificate calligraphy (CLAS)
I am also the author of many books, and articles.
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Experienced in

Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies, Lost and found

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Great fast read!Thanks!
- by Diana, cali
Thanks for another great reading. Feel much better now.
- by UB, *
He seemed spot on....i always feel good hearing postive pyscics.. im thankful to simonrob for his great insight with out any information
- by Denise, Chicago
Excellent...World Class Psychic Reader!!!! His predictions come true too ... 5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Great reading. Five star. i like the fact that he is fast and he tells you everything he picks up on. So i just sit bak and don't even type and get all the info I need. Great psychic! Do try him!
- by UB, /
another fantastic reading delivered...Great!
- by t, Europe
fantastic detail very specific explains everything, very kind and honest
- by bnjpangels, stamford, ct
Good, and highly recommended, looking forward to the connection...and feelings getting stronger...and new opportunities...very good reader. ))
- by Sooriamurthy, Singapore
Super Star...5 stars....very fast and very accurate reader...Simon Rob is a world class psychic too !! I look forward to his many predictions.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
hes very right onthe spot lovely
- by sadie, joburg
fab reading :)
- by sunny, uk
Super Star....5 stars....very very fast and very accurate too. He predicts the future accurately!! World Class Psychic !!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Thankyou Simon.Excellent reading,really enjoyed it.
- by cass, england
Simon always helps me when I am freaking out..he calmed me down..thanks a lot Simon..I appreciate all you are doing for me in my situation xx
- by t, Europe
Very Nice man, very accurate will come back again for updates on just to chat I am very impressed with how in tuned he was :) Thanks Simon
- by B, Vic
Very fast and very accurate with his predictions... Excellent psychic...World Class in all he says and does for me. 5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Excellent...very accurate.....5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Wow, is all I have to say...Simon truly amazed me at his connection to my energy and what he sees for me. I am so excited to start the next chapter and let go read more »
- by Carrie, Milw
Always love readings with Simon - he is direct, clear, concise and honest. A number of his predictions have happened for me and I believe that he really does s read more »
- by J, B
nice guy - honest. like him mucho
- by k, uk
- by davidtjl, uk
Simon is really brilliant..i trust him very much
- by t, Europe
I have tried lots of other psyhics but Simon is still the best reader around and I always go back to him when life is uncertain.
- by cass, uk
Superb reading...really brilliant..
- by t, Europe
That was a very encouraging and helpful reading thanks very much!
- by Charlie, -
Simon is always right on point, so accurate and detailed with no info given to him. He really sees the circumstances that influence what's goin on around you an read more »
- by SoulDesire1, USA
i can't believe this!!! he is the best!!! he shocked me with how accurate and quick he is!!! everything he said was so true and all the details he gave were min read more »
- by dolefuldoll, Dubai
He is a great reader..quick and accurate!
- by t, Europe
Good, he was accurate in a demo in saying my complicated Mr. would discuss things he sees as facts even if they're not really so, and ultimately he talked about read more »
- by Sporetobemore, Canada
The reading was great thank for casting the more money spell. I can't wait to see things unfold for me in the very near future.
- by Chana, Apopka
Thank you simon i really needed this reading its hard when your at home injured. You seem to worry to much but thank you for giving me the clarity that i need.
- by Felicia, Speedway
Simon is great at being honest and kind at the same time. He is very good with his knowledge of the situation without even telling him any details of it.
- by Sara, Blacksburg
excellent reading thank 10 star
- by cuteface1972, fl
Simon is tremendously full of details, full of hope his readings are full of amazing information and his predictions are always very close to real. Friendships read more »
- by bnjpangels, stamford, ct
Simon is really great - his readings are direct, confident and optimistic - he shows you options that will be coming along. I really like his style. So far, h read more »
- by Me, Mytown
Great Simon! you have put my heart and mind at rest once again.Only you can do it.Thank You.
- by cass, England
Thanks for another great reading. I hope everyting you said will happen. Fast typer and good insight. Thanks Simon.
- by U, %
I'm really not sure what to type Simon. You were so fast to pick up on everything and we were only typing. The connection was so accurate, that I thought you we read more »
- by fuzzy64, US
Simon is great. He's fast and has really good information.
- by Freida, Melbourne
very good and detailed answers. Also he is very fast typing. i am now very happy looking forward in what is to come soon.I just wished his video camera was working!
- by cass, england
Very accurate and fast...great super advice too
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Thank you very much as usual my second reading for the day!
- by Felicia, Speedway
Thankyou Simone you have been my reader for officially 2 years! Great work!
- by Felicia, Speedway
Always great!!
- by tasha_j, Europe
- by mommarine23, NY
Thanks for a great reading. Quick and fast! And not sugar coating. 5 star!
- by U, //
Thank you simone! I know i can depend on you and if anyone is paying attention they would know that i see you on a regular and give great reviews I hope many mo read more »
- by Felicia, albany
Always great reading!
- by tasha_j, Europe
- by davidtjl, uk
i am a regular:)
- by tasha_j, Europe
Excellent reading! Always accurate and informative. Highly recommended!
- by Seeker1200, USA
very good :-)
- by michael, durham
Quick to the point, my second reading with Simon. Will see if predictions come true.
- by axia, setauket
super reading again and again
- by tasha_j, Europe
Another great reading...Thank u Simon for helping me in my difficult days and giving m hopexx
- by tasha_j, Europe
- by Cristina4413, London UK
simon is so in tune.... he took all the words out of my mouth , how i was feeling and what is going on ... he hit the nail on the head with everything.... very connected
- by sunny, uk
I am a regular
- by tasha_j, Europe
Intuitive reading. many predictions
- by why, LA
fab reading... knew what he was talking about and picked up straight away :) x
- by sunny, uk
Super reading!
- by tasha_j, Europe
Fantastic reading and chanting session. I requested to do a chant with Simon to help me improve my situation further and I really felt the energy shifting in my read more »
- by Seeker1200, USA
- by tasha_j, Europe
Excellent as always...Very fast and always spot on with the answers and always accurate with my readings... 5 stars....World class psychic too
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Super reading...very powerful energy..thx Simon!
- by tasha_j, Europe
Good reading picked up on a lot of info with little to no info given to him.
- by m, -
Excellent...very fast and very accurate...5 stars.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
super as always
- by davidtjl, uk
World class psychic and very accurate and very fast.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
very very good reading, very fast pick up, and accurate seems all the time, thank you
- by veezee, usa
Very accurate, very fast, excellent reader..5 stars too
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Thank you for the reading. I am looking forward to things unfolding.
- by eacbanker, Alexandria
Very accurate, very fast, excellent world class psychic...5 stars !!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Simon is great, really great! I know that he senses my situation and tells me exactly what he sees. His earlier predictions have come to pass just like he sai read more »
- by impatient lady, struggle town
super as always
- by davidtjl, uk
very good reading with a lot of details and predictions.
- by val, a
Super star...5 stars....very accurate always
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Very helpful! Thank you so much!!
- by K, A
Very good experience highly recommended
- by Olga, montreal
Excellent, very fast and very accurate....5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Superstar....5 stars....very accurate
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Excellent...5 stars.....very accurate too
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Excellent and very fast reader. Very accurate reader too with quick answers to your questions. 5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Excellent...very good as always...predictions come true too !! 5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
A true superstar and rating of 5 stars.... Simonrob is a great psychic to go to when tough answers are needed...
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Fast reader and very accurate too....excellent...5 stars
- by focusing, Atlanta
he was good; a bit hard to understand so i wish i had him type but knew that what take longer. feel he was most likely "spot on" if you will.............
- by Jeanne Carter, Raleigh, NC
He's always awesome!! Great with his words. Easy to understand. Always right on.
- by Trudy, Trinidad
Good and very quick. I am happy with his reading.
- by Lisa, Brooklyn, NY
Fast and deep answers as usual. Very good reader!
- by cass, england
Excellent and world class psychic....Extremely fast reader.... 5 stars every time....Predicts the future...Great guy on top of that too. :)
- by Focusing, Atlanta
So fast and so accurate. really great!
- by Y, --
Very good thanks
- by Sindy, London
Superstar and very accurate with his predictions.... 5 stars all the time...Very fast with his readings too...Simonrob will talk or type for you.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Simon is great - he is really accurate - his predictions have come to pass for me and he tells me things as he sees them. I really appreciate his warmth and honesty. Simon is fabulous!
- by Cherub, My cloud
SimonRob is awesome and has great clarity. I will be back again. 5 stars.
- by Shannon, Portland
He has the answers. Very fast and in tune with the situation.
- by Virginia, Holbrook
Excellent reader and psychic...a true superstar...5 stars
- by focusing, atlanta
excellant as always
- by davidtjl, uk
Superstar he is...very quick and accurate...5 stars plus....always has the answers to questions !!
- by Focusing, Atlanta

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