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My name is SIMONROB

I write as S Rob


I help people be happier, more successful, find love. I can help you achieve your hearts desires

I can predict the future, contact those that have passed on, I am an empath I can feel what other people feel, interpret dreams, lift curses, cast spells, cast out demons/ghosts, find lost object most anything you want. I am also a writer. I have wrote books called: The world as I see it by S Rob, Dave on Earth, The path, Develop psychic power: learn scrying. All wrote using my pen name S Rob.

My journey through the occult started along time ago. I was five; I had a grandmother that trained me in my families method of magic.She was what was described at one time as a wise woman or cunning folk, modern parlance a witch. I was trained in my families method of magic and clairvoyance. I have added to this knowledge since. I really do not use many tools. I only use a scrying mirror: a black surface this helps me have visions. Although I do not use that all the time. My skills come from within.

I know that through all the changes in the world. All the witches that have been killed. All over the world. At all times in history. We are still here. Mine is the family that survived.We were hunted because we have power.We survive because we have power.That is our true power and it is my birthright.


Winner of the outstanding achievement award



I am also the author of many books, and articles.
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Experienced in

Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies, Lost and found

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Intuitive, highly recommend!
- by B, SFO
excellent fast reader
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Fantastic....Excellent reader and very very fast too and accurate
- by Focusing, Atlanta
World class psychic
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Great!I really love Simon's readings. He helps you to be happy and get what you want, he focuses on you.
- by cass, england
Thank you Simon.I know this is all coming to fruition soon.It just takes its moment!
- by cass, england
good reading, fast connection. thank u Simon.
- by PIGLETME, Asia
Awesome reading! SimonRob made me feel so good with his reading. Very fast and calm reader. Hugs!
- by G, US
Thank you for your advice! I always look forward to your readings. love felicia one of your most valued clients
- by Felicia Ganiyu, Albany
Very detailed, amazing
- by davidtjl, eire
amazing reading very happy about it and he put me on the right path, will follow up
- by cuteface1972, florida
I am in a business were Simon's help is really needed. Thanks again!
- by Charlie, -
Very detailed and quick answers to questions. I look forward to his many predictions.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
great and really real
- by Abigail, Martinez
OUTSTANDING! Love him .. incredibly accurate, so accurate in fact I forgot I didn't tell him so much of what he was saying, his knowing was so natural and flow read more »
- by maddi, chicago
Excellent as always and look forward to his predictions.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
- by ansh, winnipeg
So good and so quick. He is straightforward and honest.
- by Lisa, Brooklyn, NY
Very good and spot on and accurate as always. Excellent psychic.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Extremely important advise regarding career. And things are moving along just as you have seen for a while now. Great!!
- by Charlie, -
he is awesome
- by Humility, zurich
Thank you for your time and reliable information
- by Felicia Ganiyu, Albany
Thank you Simone! Very reliable information as always. I will continue to come to you as you are reliable, and accurate and affordable! Thanks Felicia Ganiyu
- by Felicia Ganiyu, Albany
- by davidtjl, ni
Now I know what to look out for! Thanks again!
- by Charlie, -
Simon was very accurate with his readings. He told me how the other person felt. He is one of the best, if not the best, on Oranum. He is calm, doesn't judge an read more »
- by Moonchild59, Australia
Accurate, precise, and fast reader!!!!!!!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Five stars as always!
- by Charlie, -
Great Simon! You always know the way! x
- by cass, england
omg that was so good!this guy knows what he is talking about
- by cassiopea11, uk
Ahhh- in my time of need. Thank you again Simon for giving me the right perspective on things.
- by Charlie, -
Greatttttttt !!!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Very fast and very accurate as always... Simonrob is a real superstar !!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Excellent reader, very fast. Accurate... Hoping and believing all he says will come to pass.
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Spot on ! Excellent reader and predicter of the future !!
- by focusing, Atlanta
Great reading - connected fast and confirmed some things that I have planned. Straight to the point. Thank you!
- by Flowers, texas
Excellent and I believe to be very accurate with all aspects of his reading.
- by focusing, Atlanta
thankyou simon.i appreciate you not wasting my time and giving fast answers.: )
- by cassiopea11, england
thank you simon. it was great. im just dissapointed at this useless topping up system that keeps messing about with my credits!
- by cass, england
credits run out too fast!
- by cassiopea, england of a kind....shows and tells you how to make things happen....5 stars
- by focusing, Atlanta
Excellent...very fast and very accurate...5 stars
- by focusing, Atlanta
World Class Psychic!!! Excellent reader and very fast with answers too. 5 stars but he deserves 10 stars!!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
- by natalie104, Kaunas
Excellent as always! Speak to Simon if you need to get things in perspective. Very good at what he does!
- by Charlie, -
Excellent. one of the very best in the world...5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
- by girl, kaunas
Spot on as always! You made my day Simon!!! Thanks!
- by Charlie, -
I just let him talk, and he picked up a lot of details with no information given.
- by kendra, Denver
Thank you Simon xx
- by Lisa, London
Simon is just so fantastic! He can see so clearly what is goin on and why and gives tons of detail about the circumstances. I've had several readings and spells read more »
- by SoulDesire1, USA
Excellent. Very fast reader too. Hoping all he says come to fruition soon.
- by focusing, atlanta
fast connection, clarified many things, recommended!
- by hb, us
he was pretty informative
- by jesse, Fort Morgan
Excellent...very fast and very accurate..5 stars.
- by focusing, atlanta
Very detailed and thorough reading. Really like him
- by livealittle, usa
Very fast excellent reader.... 5 stars......hoping all he says come true
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Thank you Simon!! You're the best!
- by Felicia Ganiyu, Albany
First reading with Simon and must say m impress! love it
- by Rosy, dxb
good spell
- by pavan, hyderabad
good reading
- by pavan, hy
Wonders of things to come. Thanks Simon for yet again a very good reading!
- by Charlie, -
Thanks again Simon - you are great and see very clearly into people and their situation.
- by Charlie, -
Another good reading with him, unfortunately my laptop froze and I had to end out chat. :-(
- by Mshelli, Scotland
Thank you very much for your help! Like always your the one I count on the most on oranum! Thanks Simone.
- by Felicia Ganiyu, Albany
Very nice reading and very helpful and very reassuring.
- by Viviann, Massapequa
Simon was super fast with what he picked up physically. It was accurate and timely. Simon is gifted. Recommended.
- by Del_Red, london
Simon is very sure of himself and his predictions are really coming true! I will go on a long trip, which is very exciting! Thanks a million for your help!
- by Charlie, -
Excellent,,,, Spot on everytime... Very very accurate as always!
- by focusing, atlanta
Simon is very fast very accurate.
- by Jay, canada
Good reading!
- by pavan, hyderabad
Thanks so much for giving me some perspective! My working life is in a turmoil and I need to make the best of it. And the high hopes I have for my private life read more »
- by Charlie, -
Very caring and concerned about his clients. hope what he did works.
- by angelszone, London
Excellent...very fast
- by Focusing, Atlanta
excellent house
- by pavan, hyderabad
Did a good job in private, we will see how things transpire..thank you.
- by TookerB, USA
Interesting, fascinating to see if these things materialise and in such a short period of time. Thanks for the great advice!
- by Charlie, -
had a power full spell ....... will have to see the rsults
- by pavan, hyderabad
Great...excellent....very fast!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Very accurate so far and hope all comes true. Very fast reader of the very very best !
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Excellent as always.
- by focusing, atlanta
Another fantastic reading by a fantastic man. I would highly recommend x
- by Mshelli, Scotland
Fast and straight forward. Let's see if it will happen. :-) thanks.
- by Spiritonloose, Sweden
Thank you so much. Predictions always happen!
- by Lisa, London
Even though our reading was very short, I liked it!! It was detailed.
- by natalie104, Kaunas
Amazingly instructive! A very very good reading!
- by Charlie, -
Thank you so much.
- by Lenard, Fitzgerald
Fast, on spot, correct and excellent every time!!
- by Focusing, Atlanta
After watching Simon in free chat, I decided to see what he could give me concerning a few things. He seemed to have picked up on the situations quite nicely. I read more »
- by Brenda , Mississippi
He did a spell and I'm excited to see the outcome!! Thanks so much!!
- by Ayla, Indio
Wonderful man, did spell. Wanted to see it coming true.
- by pavan, hyderabad
Simon is very spot on and fast.
- by Jay, TOronto
Very instructive and helpful. My career is a difficult one and I know see what to look for. Thank you very much for your help Simon!
- by Charlie, -
Good read.
- by Tammy, New Jersey
Thanks Simon. I know you always come from a good place.
- by happykellygirl, philly
Thanks simon.Great reading again.
- by cassiopea11, england
This is my third reading with Simon, he really has many gifts. He is always able to know my personality and situation in life. He gives great guidance and elicits pretty accurate predictions. Thank you so much.
- by happy4you7, east
Simon is very good. I have had success with his spells and they work quickly for the results. He can see what is ahead and help you avoid problems. Thanks Simon
- by eacbanker, Alexandria
Impressed, very much so. Very helpful!
- by Charlie, -
Spot on every time....excellent reader
- by Focusing, Atlanta

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